Bry Webb // Fletcher

I have always been fascinated with photographing strangers, especially the unremarkable people - the older generation tending to their gardens and sitting on their porches, the labourers who become a part of the landscape - the people who form the backbone of our world, yet often go unseen.

To me, Bry Webb sings about these people in his songs, there is a longing for a simpler time and a simpler world; he sings about people who work with their hands and who wake and sleep with the rising and setting of the sun.

A few years ago, I discovered some of the postwar housing communities in Ontario and became enamoured with the simple beauty of these boxy white clapboard bungalows. I thought this would be the perfect setting for the video for Fletcher. Cinematographer Greg Biskup and I traveled to some of the these communities and captured a series of portraits of strangers going about their everyday lives.