Ohbijou // Niagara

I edited this music video directed by Jared Raab for Ohbijou’s song “Niagara” off of their album Metal Meets.

Here is a little bit of what Jared has to say about the process of shooting the video: “Niagara was shot using a combination of slow motion footage from the high speed Olympus iSpeed camera and Canon 7D. It also utilized a strange and wonderful piece of technology called a Fog Screen, which belongs to the Future Cinema Laboratory at York University in Toronto. In order to achieve the effect of floating in mid air effect, we had the band jump on a trampoline. Footage shot with the iSpeed was later projected onto the Fog Screen and re-shot on 7D for the performances. The Fog Screen works by dropping a thin sheet of water-based fog from above on which you can project video images. All of the water, smoke and fire effects you see were done in-camera using propane blasts, flame wands and a rain wand positioned above or below the frame. The final video features very little digital composting, though we did layer in the occasional rain drop here or matte-out the occasional light there. The video’s final 4:3 ratio is a result of the native dimensions of the iSpeed camera and the Fog Screen.”