What is #Perfection?

I had been wanting to work with the very talented award-winning director Chelsea McMullan (My Prairie Home, Michael Shannon Michael Shannon John) for a long time, so I was very excited when she called me up to edit her latest project. This three-minute film features member of the junior US National Team, gymnast Jordan Chiles, as she performs the Amânar vault, which is considered one of the most difficult moves in gymnastics. Shot on the Phantom Flex4K at 1000fps, the film deconstructs the move by focusing on Jordan's individual gestures - the twist of her body as she performs a round-off, her legs as she prepares to jump, and her hands as they spring off the vault - and flashes back to similar moments from her childhood, illustrating the lifetime of muscle memory that is informing each move. 

The film was featured this week on Nowness and is part of a branded campaign by Audi. 

DIRECTOR: Chelsea McMullan
EDITOR: Nadia Tan
SOUND DESIGN: Jane Tattersall
COMPOSER: Alex Unger