Throwing Cotton

I recently finished editing a short film called Throwing Cotton directed by Tori Larsen, based on a short story by Sarah Selecky. It is about a group of couples who spend a weekend at a friend's farmhouse and find themselves tempted by the comfort of each other's partners.

It is endlessly fascinating to me working with new directors and getting to know their cinematic style. The raw footage for this film has a certain slow, moody rhythm and I quickly learned to embrace the natural pacing of the footage, allowing the story to unfold unhurried.

Trois Nuits et Une Mort

I just finished editing a short film with Quebec-based director Stéphane Dirschauer. It's a moody film ominously titled Trois Nuits et une Mort. This is the third project we've worked on together since his first film in 2008, and it is mostly in French - which is an interesting exercise for me as I am not a French-speaker.

The Chester Kids // Trailer

The Chester Kids is 21-year-old director Travis Ainley's first feature film. It's a poetic story about a friendship between two young men who are back home living with their parents in the suburbs for the summer. It's a story about love and aimlessness and what happens when the two characters get into big, big trouble. I edited this trailer for the film.