Snailhouse // I Never Woke Up

Jared Raab and Lindsay Mackay shot a video in Joshua Tree National Park and asked me to edit it. I collaborated with Jared to come up with visually interesting compositions - cropping shots of landscapes and turning them into circles and triangles to be overlapped with other shots. We used split-screen trickery to make the character appear multiple times in the same frame and spent hours and hours in After Effects chopping off the character's head.

Arkells // On Paper

Arkells approached us in the spring of 2012 to make a music video for their song "On Paper". Because of our love of all things analog, we decided to take a cue from the title and literally make the entire video out of actual paper. This means we shot everything live action in HD, exported the edited sequence of 2465 frames (every second frame), printed each of those frames on paper and cut out elements of each shot with X-acto knives. Then we re-photographed each frame against different paper textures and backgrounds, brought it back into Final Cut Pro and synced it back up with the song.

The project was produced by our friends Peter and Josh at Vulture Culture. I edited, co-directed and co-animated the video with Maya Bankovic, who was also the DOP.

Diamond Rings // I'm Just Me

I just finished editing this music video for Diamond Ring's new single "I'm Just Me". Directed by Jared Raab, this video features tons of lasers and vogueing. So check out this fun throwback to 80's glam and synth pop, but be forewarned: while it is currently up to broadcast standards, it failed the FPA test (for strobing) not once, but twice.

Freedom Clothing Collective // Spring Collection

My friends at Freedom Clothing Collective just received their spring collection. They asked me to create a short video highlighting some of their favourite pieces of the season. The idea to have the clothes put themselves on seemed like fun, so I spent the afternoon with Marsya Maharani, who styled the project and also served as the clothing puppeteer. The breathtakingly beautiful Tyna Kottova was a real sport when it came to dressing and undressing her over and over on camera.

Cancer Bats // Old Blood

Josh Warburton and Pete Dreimanis of Vulture Culture called me up to edit this video they shot for Cancer Bats. Pete employed a technique he likes to call "lens-banging", where he detaches the lens from the camera to get a jittery, distorted image. It's always fun editing with dynamic footage (but we were all a little worried it wouldn't pass the FPA test for strobing!)

Ohbijou // Niagara

I edited this music video directed by Jared Raab for Ohbijou’s song “Niagara” off of their album Metal Meets.

Here is a little bit of what Jared has to say about the process of shooting the video: “Niagara was shot using a combination of slow motion footage from the high speed Olympus iSpeed camera and Canon 7D. It also utilized a strange and wonderful piece of technology called a Fog Screen, which belongs to the Future Cinema Laboratory at York University in Toronto. In order to achieve the effect of floating in mid air effect, we had the band jump on a trampoline. Footage shot with the iSpeed was later projected onto the Fog Screen and re-shot on 7D for the performances. The Fog Screen works by dropping a thin sheet of water-based fog from above on which you can project video images. All of the water, smoke and fire effects you see were done in-camera using propane blasts, flame wands and a rain wand positioned above or below the frame. The final video features very little digital composting, though we did layer in the occasional rain drop here or matte-out the occasional light there. The video’s final 4:3 ratio is a result of the native dimensions of the iSpeed camera and the Fog Screen.”

Arkells // Kiss Cam

Arkells approached us in July 2011 to make a music video for Kiss Cam off of their album Michigan Left. The song was a B-side track and the video was initially intended just to be a viral but Universal Music liked it so much, they ended up releasing it on iTunes, Vevo, MuchMusic and MTV.

This video was nominated for Video of the Year by the CBC Radio 3 Bucky Awards and the Hamilton Music Awards.


The Chester Kids // Trailer

The Chester Kids is 21-year-old director Travis Ainley's first feature film. It's a poetic story about a friendship between two young men who are back home living with their parents in the suburbs for the summer. It's a story about love and aimlessness and what happens when the two characters get into big, big trouble. I edited this trailer for the film.